2018 Calendar

**Please note all dates posted are subject to change by the CSJRL as we learnt in past years. Please do not assume these will not change.**


MARCH 2018

Trial game for all our junior teams.

Modified Coach course - Monday 26 March 2018

International Coaching course - Wednesday 28th March 2018


APRIL 2018

Round one kick off - Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 April 2018

Under 6 v Como @ 9.45am at Scylla Bay Como
Under 7 v De La Salle @ 11.15am at Captain Cook Oval
Under 8 v De La Salle @ 9am at Captain Cook Oval 
Under 9B v Como @ 9am at Scylla Bay Oval Como
Under 10B v Cronulla Caringbah @ 12.10pm at Cronulla High 
Under 11B v Gymea @ 1pm at Corea Rd Oval 
Under 12A v Aquinas @ 12.15pm at Blaxland Oval 
Under 12C v Como @ 2.30pm at Scylla Bay Oval Como  

No play weekends    21/22 April 2018


MAY 2018

Saturday 26th May 2018
Under 6 v Aquinas @ 9am at Waratah Oval
Under 7 v Cronulla Caringbah @ 9.50am at Waratah Oval
Under 8 v Bosco @ 9.50am at Waratah Oval
Under 9B v Aquinas @ 10.40am at Waratah Oval 
Under 10B v Yarrawarrah/StPats @ 11.35am at Yarrawarrah Oval
Under 11B v Yarrawarrah @ 12.30pm at Yarrawarrah Oval 
Under 12B v De La Salle @  11.35am at Waratah Oval
Under 12A v Bosco @ 12.30pm at Waratah Oval

JUNE 2018

No play weekends   9/10 June 2018


JULY 2018

No play weekends   14/15 July


Gala day U6's and U7's 21 July 2018



Semi 18th/19th August 

Finals 25th/26th August 



Grand Final weekend - Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 September 2018


October  2018

October - Father/Son  trip away


November  2018

2nd November - presentation

December  2018